close this section of the libraryJCDL Banquet
Ed Fox introducing the evening's activities
presentation of the Vannevar Bush award
Erich Neuhold, the man who brought everyone together
at the performance arena
a few words from the awardee
Rob Acksyn, the sponsor of the Vannevar Bush award, introducing the award
the band hard at work at their Irish folk music
Christine Borgman speaking about the process of selecting the awardee
Robert France and Christine Borgman
getting the award ready ...
... presented by Robert France
students and student volunteers tucking in
conference attendees
people looking on
Dennis Kafura, chair of VT-CS, welcoming participants
and inside the main building
the O-gauge model train ... some LoC people skirting the exhibit while others pay more attention to the food
Rob Acksyn speaking on the history of the JCDL merger
more conference attendees
food, music and good company ...
... and version 2 of the slide - a "slide cake"
... and how Hector Garcia-Molina had sworn to "eat his slide" if the merger was ever pulled off ...
more of the train and more people
even more people looking on
even more conference attendees
the winners of the Vannevar Bush award of 2001
more people looking on